August 21, 2007 at 07:18 PM

What happened to my TiVo?

So a few weeks back I turned on the TV and saw the “Welcome!  Powering Up...” screen displayed by my TiVo when it powers up after powering down.  When I returned home later in the day, the same screen still displayed.  I thought great, how am I going to fix this?


I first started by unplugging and plugging the TiVo back in, and checked all of the connections.  When that didn’t work, I did a search for “tivo powering up”.  There were alot of articles out there, and it looks like this was a common problem.  The problem I found could have been from either a bad hard drive, or a bad power supply.  This TiVo Troubleshooting guide said that if you have had alot of electrical storms, you could possibly be having a power supply issue.  This threw a little wrench into the equation because this is monsoon season in Arizona, and we have been having alot of lightning.
After putting my ear to the TiVo, I determined that it had to be the hard drive because I could hear the drive making a perculiar noise.  Kind of like a small clicking noise, like what was trying to start but couldn’t.  This forum had alot of good information on how to replace the hard drive.
After looking at all the options, I decided to search eBay for the hard drive that comes with the preloaded TiVo software.  I placed the order, and it came in less than a week by USPS.
The packaging:

The hard drive:  Maxtor 200GB.

Next comes taking the TiVo apart and replacing the broken hard drive.

I needed a hex screw driver, and unscrewed the screws on the back on the box.

Then carefully removing the cover, this is what the inside looked like.

After unplug the cables, I then used a different sized hex screw driver to take the broken hard drive out.

After screwing in the new hard drive and reconnecting the cables, this is what it looked like.  Pretty simple.

Next it was time to put the cover back on and plug it in.
I held my breath as I first saw the “Welcome! Powering Up...” screen.  But then a new screen appeared, and I was confident this was a success.

The TiVo then did it’s updates and has been working great ever since.

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